AWS Malaysia

Sea/Air Freight


To transportation of goods by aircraft and sea, offering flexibility in delivery times and costs.


Air Freight:
  • Rapid delivery for time-sensitive shipments.
  • High level of security and reduced risk of theft or damage.
  • Reliable schedules and frequent flights for consistent delivery times.
Sea Freight:
  • Cost-effective for bulk shipments over long distances.
  • Capacity to handle oversized or heavy cargo.
  • Flexible shipping options (Full Container Load - FCL, Less than Container Load - LCL).


Air Freight:
  • Collection and consolidation of shipments.
  • Customs clearance and documentation handling.
  • Loading shipments onto aircraft for transit.
  • Delivery to the final destination upon arrival.
Sea Freight:
  • Collection and consolidation of cargo.
  • Customs clearance and documentation preparation.
  • Loading goods into containers for sea transport.
  • Delivery to the final destination upon arrival.


Air Freight:
  • Ideal for high-value or urgent goods.
  • Global reach with access to remote or landlocked areas.
  • Reduces warehousing needs due to quicker transit times.
Sea Freight:
  • Economical for large and heavy shipments.
  • Environmentally friendly with lower carbon emissions per ton-mile.
  • Suitable for non-urgent shipments with flexible delivery timelines.


Air Freight:
  • Businesses requiring quick delivery of products.
  • Perishable goods need expedited shipping.
  • High-value items require secure and fast transportation.
Sea Freight:
  • Businesses shipping large quantities of goods.
  • Heavy or oversized cargo.
  • Non-perishable goods with less urgency for delivery.

Why Choose Us for Sea/Air Freight

Air Freight:
  • Extensive network of airline partnerships for optimal routes and schedules.
  • Expertise in handling customs regulations and documentation.
  • Comprehensive tracking and real-time updates for peace of mind.
Sea Freight:
  • Strong relationships with major shipping lines for competitive rates.
  • Expertise in managing customs and regulatory compliance.
  • Advanced tracking systems for monitoring shipment progress.