AWS Malaysia



Reliable transportation of goods overland using trucks, ensuring efficient delivery.


  • Cost-effective for short to medium distances.
  • Flexible scheduling for specific delivery timelines.
  • Door-to-door service for convenience and efficiency.


  • Pickup: Collection of goods from the origin point.
  • Loading: Secure loading of cargo onto trucks.
  • Transit: Overland transportation to the destination.
  • Delivery: Timely delivery of goods to the final destination.
  • Monitoring: Continuous tracking and updates during transit.


  • Ability to handle various types of cargo, including heavy and oversized loads.
  • Reliable and consistent delivery schedules.
  • Reduces dependency on other transportation modes.
  • Provides direct and personalized service to customers.


  • Ideal for domestic and regional shipments.
  • Businesses requiring frequent and regular deliveries.
  • Transporting goods to areas not serviced by air or sea routes.
  • Suitable for perishable and time-sensitive goods.
  • Effective for both small and large volume shipments.

Why Choose Us for Trucking

  • Modern fleet of well-maintained trucks ensuring reliability and safety.
  • Experienced drivers and logistics professionals for efficient operations.
  • Advanced tracking systems for real-time updates and peace of mind.
  • Customized solutions tailored to specific client needs and requirements.
  • Strong commitment to timely and secure delivery of goods.